Let Me Coach You!

I’m an experienced career counselor and a trained life coach, but a more accurate title for me is “professional friend”.   I’m the one to whom you can bare your soul and know that I will give you a no-holds-barred candid reality check in return.  I’ll help you get clear about what you really want and assist you with creating a plan to get it.  Then I will pick up my pom poms and be your biggest cheerleader as you set out to get where you want to go.

Me — cheering you on and looking cute while doing it!  (Okay, okay… that’s not really me.)

But seriously, whether you are looking to achieve specific professional goals, or to simply start living your best life outside of the office, I can help.

I have advised hundreds of students through the graduate and professional school admissions processes, resulting in admission to some of the top graduate programs in the country.  I have helped hundreds of professionals get farther faster in their careers, too.  And I regularly partner with everyday people, helping them through personal transitions, and enabling them to get “unstuck” when they’ve refused to settle for the status quo.

Every dream you’ve dreamed is within reach, and I can help you grab it… so let’s get it!

For more information about my life coaching services, please write to lepetitquaintrelle@gmail.com.